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    Aegeo Spa

    Aegeo Spas C.M.S. is the biggest Greek company that operates wellness centers (SPAS) ONLY in hotels. Aegeo Spas’ “journey” began back in 2007. After eight years, it counts 60 wellness centers all over Greece and wishes to offer the opportunity to all its collaborators to become communicants to the unique “Journey” it has to offer to the guest.

    The company’s brochures are based on this philosophy…”Journey in the Aegean Sea”.

    Below we mention briefly what these brochures are and how they are used.

    Spa Ticket

    It is given by the hotel reception staff to all adult guests of the hotel, upon their arrival and offers them a 15min FREE massage of their preference. The guests HAVE TO book their appointment at the Spa Reception within the first 48hours of their arrival.

    Destination Card

    It is a duplicate that is filled in by the therapist, the salesman or the manager, with their suggestions to the guests for more personal and tailor-made services.

    Boarding Pass

    It is a medical questionnaire along with some details regarding the guest. That way we are in position to know if the service or the service suggestion he is about to receive is suitable for him.


    It is the guests’ questionnaire which constantly improves us, in all parts they think we need to be improved. Furthermore, it is the tool that informs us for any guest’s discontent, helping us act immediately and drastically at the root of the problem.

    All of these brochures are the instruments of the Journey we have decided to do with our collaborators and guests. But what is our most direct means is the Spa Menu. Creation of team work, our menu is structured in a way that is clear, guiding and has a scent of the Aegean Sea.

    Fasten your seatbelts…

    Aegeo Spas’ journey to delight begins…

     Mediterraneo Hotel für die Wellness-Dienstleistungen arbeitet mit Aegeo Spas.



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Book now and get 15 min free massage treatment for every adult.


Spa Wellness & Fitness

Wir begrüßen Sie in die Welt des Wellness-Center zu treten.


Rollstuhlgerechtes Hotel


Das Hotel Mediterraneo ist ein rollstuhlgerechtes Hotel mit barrierefreiem Zugang über Rampen und Aufzüge zu den wichtigsten Bereichen des Hotels und den Außenanlagen - einschließlich Rezeption, Restaurant, Lobby-Bar, Hauptpools, Sportstudio, Wellnessbereich, Souvenirladen, Konferenzräume usw. Es gibt 2 barrierefreie Hauptgebäude mit rollstuhlgerechten Zimmern mit breiten Türen und bodengleichen Duschkabinen. Bitte teilen Sie uns gleich bei der Buchung mit, wenn Sie ein rollstuhlgerechtes Zimmer wünschen. Hinweis: Das HOTEL MEDITERRANEO liegt an einer Anhöhe ca. 400 m vom Strand entfernt.

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